Dark day for democracy but Tasmanians will not be silenced

The passage through the House of Assembly of the Hodgman government’s draconian new laws targeting peaceful protests marks a dark day for Tasmanian democracy.

“This government has made the classic mistake of believing that by making a law, they are making something right”,  Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“These laws will do nothing to stop Tasmanians standing up for issues they believe in, whether in the forests, the workplace, or the main street.”

 “Every movement for social change in history has faced laws punishing them for taking a stand.”

“It is no different here in Tasmania today.  Tasmanians will not be cowed by these new laws and, where necessary, will continue to peacefully protest against issues of great concern to them.”

 “Back in 1950s America, Rosa Parks was not allowed to sit in the front of the bus, but she knew that was wrong, defied the law and was arrested.  Tasmanian’s will not be told to sit in the back of the bus by this government”, Ms Weber said.


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  • Matteo Volonte
    commented 2014-07-13 15:38:46 +1000
    This is truly a Dark Day for Democracy! What if one day some worker and supporter will protest against their own factory because of the unsustainable and inhuman conditions they are forced to work in …would that be right if they would be arrested? They would not only loose their jobs, their rights and their honour, but the society will also have to pay for them to waste their time while their knowledge and pride could be used in a smarter and safer way.