Conservationists join call for Abbott Government to withdraw World Heritage attack

The Bob Brown Foundation has joined the call by the Senate for the Abbott Government to withdraw its attack on Tasmania’s World Heritage Area.

“The Tasmanian World Heritage Area is in imminent danger of losing the outstanding universal values Australian’s are so proud of, as the Abbott Government pursues a flawed request to withdraw 74 000 hectares", Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

"We welcome the Senate inquiry findings that exposed fundamental flaws in the Abbott Government proposal to the World Heritage Committee. The Senate has provided another opportunity to showcase the robust scientific evidence that proves the area under threat has outstanding universal values.”

“There is a strong public feeling across Australia in opposition to the proposal to excise 74 000 hectares from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Seven out of eight Australians oppose the move by the Abbott Government, the Senate Inquiry had a resounding response from people who oppose it, and we recently rallied 2000 people in the magnificent world heritage forests of the Upper Florentine,” Ms Weber said.

“When considering the threat of the Abbott Government to return these ancient ecosystems to the loggers, we are talking about one of the three largest temperate wilderness areas remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of the longest lived trees and tallest flowering plants in the world grow in the area, and it is a stronghold for several animals that are either extinct of threatened on the mainland. The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is a unique wild place on this planet.”

“We will continue to fight for the World Heritage Area and mobilise the profound feeling of people who oppose this attack by the Abbott Government. In Hobart Town Hall next week, The Bob Brown Foundation will rally people to defend World Heritage with a public meeting. Guest speakers include Wendy Harmer, Executive Director of The Australia Institute Richard Denniss, Tasmanian Greens leader Kim Booth and Tasmanian National Parks Association’s Anne McConnell,” Jenny Weber said.

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