Communities for Forests

In 2022, we are launching our brand new community organising program, Communities for Forests

The Bob Brown Foundation has been protecting forests in Tasmania for more than five years. Now, we want to join forces with passionate individuals right around the country to build a nation-wide movement to end native forest logging nationally, for good. 

Australia's forests are dwindling rapidly due to logging, land clearing, and mining. Alongside the destruction of these forests comes the loss of critical habitat for endangered species, irreplaceable carbon banks, and the iconic and beautiful landscapes of globally unique and rare ecosystems. 

Join us this summer as we create a movement in our neighbourhoods, our cities and our towns, to gather support and signatures for our Native Forest Declaration.

With the 2022 Federal Election almost upon us, and we want to gather as much diverse community support as possible to deliver to those standing for election this year, to show them that there is real, significant support for the protection of Australia's remaining native forests. 

You can join us this year, alongside hundreds of other dedicated, passionate and engaged people who are fighting for native forest protection in Australia. Australia's forests need your help, and this is an easy way for you to bring about national change to protect the forests this election. 


The plan:

In 2019, we launched our Native Forest Declaration, which calls on our Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and other Members of Parliament to use their Commonwealth powers to protect Australia's native forests and their wildlife. 

Now, we have a plan to take this pledge to the streets, to gather support from local businesses, organisations, sports clubs and the community. We want to gather as many pledge signatures as possible, so that we can launch into action once the Federal Election campaign commences, meeting with our local candidates to show them just how much support there is for the protection of native forests. 

All you need to do is sign up via this form, and then we'll be in touch soon after that to provide you with all the fantastic materials and goodies you'll need to get started. We've got brand new pledge postcards that you can use to collect your signatures. 

You can also watch the recording of our first Zoom meeting here, to hear more about the plan.

And you are welcome to join us over on Facebook where we have a private group organising space.

We also have a brand new poster, in A2 and A3, designed by the brilliant Jess Harwood. As you are gathering signatures and speaking with local businesses and organisations, you can distribute this poster around your community to spread the message and create an unforgettable visual message for our neighbourhoods - that we won't stand for the destruction of native forests any longer. 


We are also planning on launching COVID-friendly community-led activation events in towns and suburbs right around Australia, where we'll bring together others in your neighbourhood so you can kickstart this campaign tactic alongside others in your community. We'll have more information available on that in the next week, but for now you can register your early interest via email here.

If you have any other questions about this new program, please contact Molly via email - [email protected]


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