Colette Harmsen - wildlife cameras in the Tarkine

Colette Harmsen. Photo: Steven Pearce

Colette Harmsen, a wildlife veterinarian, has been one of the key campaigners based in the threatened Frankland River forests for the past two weeks. In that time she has set up a number of wildlife cameras and recorded healthy Tasmanian Devils, an endangered species. Here is the latest image of a devil:

Tassie Devil. Photo: Colette Harmsen

"Our lovable Tassie devils deserve a place to live without the threat of logging of their forest homes. You'd think that the dense, cold, wet forests in the Tarkine would be inhospitable to many animals, but here in the Tarkine forests, Tassie devils are well at home. Using their exquisite sense of smell, they move through the environment with relative ease, searching for a feed.

Our fauna cameras have recorded three healthy looking individuals so far, deep in the threatened logging coupes. With their numbers dwindling elsewhere in the state, it is time for native forest logging to cease, giving our devils a fair chance at survival."

Colette Harmsen

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