Christine Milne

Christine Milne and I have been great friends and share a long political partnership over the last 25 years. I now look forward to years more of that friendship, free of the pressures of political life for us both.

Christine is the greatest champion of climate change action in Australian politics. Her huge role in achieving carbon trading and the $10 billion renewable energy bank during the Gillard years is cemented in history. On this score she will be remembered as responsible when John Howard and Tony Abbott are remembered as culpable.

In Christine's career so far, she was the first female leader of a Tasmanian parliamentary party, led the successful campaign to save the Wesley Vale farmlands in Tasmania from a polluting pulp mill, led gun law reform nationally, has been a longterm consistent champion of gay and lesbian law reform and equal marriage, and a stoic campaigner for Tasmania's World Heritage wilderness, including its forests, in an age when Labor and Liberal both continue to advocate logging and mining, for example in the Tarkine.

Christine was the logical choice for the Australian Greens when I stepped down in 2012 and has proven an admirable leader in the last three years. When compared with Coalition and Labor leadership tenure in recent years, the Greens have a longevity which is outstanding.

I join more than one million Australian Greens voters in congratulating Christine for her outstanding service to this country and globally, and in wishing her great success and happiness in the years to come.

Bob Brown


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