Cheap Deer Plan

The Hodgman Government’s deer policy is long on talk but short on action, Bob Brown said today. 

“Our Foundation has warned that the rapid spread of fallow deer into Tasmania’s conservation areas required urgent action. Otherwise it will cost billions of dollars to remedy in the future. But instead of action it’s more of the same and three years delay while Jeremy Rockliff counts the deer. The deer have spread right along the Great Western Tiers, across much of the Central Plateau section of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Areas like the Tarkine, Cradle Mountain and Walls of Jerusalem face invasion while the Hodgman government faddles around,” Bob Brown said.

“Farmers also deserved greater government action,” Bob Brown said.

“If the Government consulted widely the invitation to the environment movement got lost in the mail,” Bob Brown said.

Contact: Jenny Weber on 0427 366 929

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