Campaigner slams Liberal assault on peaceful protests

Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager for the Bob Brown Foundation who is in Doha for the World Heritage Committee meeting, has slammed the Liberal government’s assault on peaceful protests.

"Peaceful protesters from the Huon Valley Environment Centre and Still Wild Still Threatened were the only groups on the front line in the World Heritage forests of the Weld, Picton, Styx and Upper Florentine Valleys.  The peaceful protests we carried out have been vindicated here in Doha with the international recognition that these forests are of World Heritage significance and outstanding universal value”, Ms Weber said.

This new attack by the Government threatens peaceful protesters with mandatory imprisonment.

"The bill tabled today is an oppressive agenda by the Tasmanian Liberal party in their vendetta against environmentalists”, Ms Weber said.

"The Liberal Government are seeking a climate free of opposition and criticism, to allow them free reign to attack the environment.   People will continue to advocate for environmental protection despite the harsh penalties that are proposed in this bill."

"These laws, designed to demonise forest protesters, will have broad ranging impacts on concerned members of the community, who will not stand by as the government embarks on an environmental assault."

“Forest advocates already face consequences from protests. We always conduct ourselves in a peaceful manner.  These protests do not warrant mandatory prison sentences."

"This will be another failed policy of the government in an attempt to continue the logging of Tasmania's unique native forests at the taxpayers’ expense."

"We have a legitimate public interest in workplace protests where public forests are being processed for a private profit”, Ms Weber said.

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