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2016 Tarkine BioBlitz will be held from 17–20 November 2016

Tarkine BioBlitz will bring together volunteer scientists, experts, naturalists and members of the public for a weekend of discovery, biodiversity surveys and fun in a truly remarkable place. We will be cataloguing the biodiversity we discover, adding to the scientific knowledge of this region.

The Tarkine BioBlitz will be held over three days, surveys in the field will be held from Friday morning to Sunday lunch time. Arrival at base camp on Thursday is advised if you would like to join the Friday morning surveys. You can join the BioBlitz for all three days or just one day.

Base camp is at Riverbend Youth Camp, 358 Trowutta Rd, Scotchtown TAS. Just 6km south of Smithton. The base camp consists of a large complex all under one roof. There is a great kitchen and dining hall, an auditorium where the data entry from the surveys will occur and a presentation room where we will have speakers each night.

Accommodation at the base camp is dorms with shared bathroom and toilet facilities. There is also room for tents and campervans for camping.

Field sites in the Tarkine we will be visiting include a coast, forest and plains sites. We will travel each day in mini buses and car-pooling each day.

Costs of the weekend include, accommodation at $15-$20 per person per night, breakfast and lunch $7 per person per meal, and dinner $10 per person per night. The food is delicious and wholesome and the base camp is a fun place to stay.

Please make a booking to participate at this link:


Meet the organisers

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 Food preparations for the Tarkine Bio Blitz are well under way and the menu is looking pretty amazing.


I have been overwhelmed with the support from the local community and am really happy that most of our food will be coming from local businesses.

A special thanks to Marie from Summer Kitchen, Anne from Ashbolt, Yves from Miellerie, Michelle from Harvest Feast, Patrick and Marie from Help Yourself Wholefoods, Henriette from Kindred Organics, and Dave and Felicity from Old School Farm, most of whom have been regular donors and suppliers for events over the last couple of years.

The menu for the Bio Blitz will be all vegan and we will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, as well as yummy snacks and desserts. I am especially excited about the beetroot chocolate brownies, bean salad with Ashbolt Elderflower Dressing, and Moroccan chickpea tagine with fruit and nut couscous and harissa paste.

Joining me in the kitchen for the event will be my Mum, Debbie Searle, as well as the amazing Sarah Van Est, both of whom are volunteering their time to be there and make sure everyone's bellies stay full and happy.

We look forward to meeting you all in the Tarkine!

Lisa Searle, on behalf of the kitchen team

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