Brown's tourism appeal against Styx logging 'outrage'

Media Release 18 September 2016

Photo: Bob Brown

After visiting the World Heritage Styx Valley of the Giants today, environmentalist Bob Brown says clearfall logging right to the side of the Styx Valley Road is an outrage against Tasmania's tourism industry.

"Forestry Tasmania has shown sheer bloody-mindedness since the World Heritage declaration. Rather than leave a screen of forest beside the road over the Maydena Range to the spectacular Styx Valley, recent logging is right to the roadside. And tomorrow, Forestry Tasmania is closing the Styx Road again, this time in the heart of the valley between the Styx Bridge and the Big Tree Reserve to log regrowth native forest right to the roadside. It is sickening. this is not what visitors are expecting," Bob Brown said.

"I call on the Hodgman government to have a win-win outcome by proceeding while leaving a 50 metres screen of forest next to this major tourism artery."

Attached Photographs Logging to Styx tourism road on Maydena Range today by Bob Brown.

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