Brown keen to meet Barnett

Media Release 14 October 2016


Bob Brown is keen for a full and frank discussion with Guy Barnett about the damage to Tasmania's global reputation extending clear-fell logging into 400,000 hectares of Tasmania's ancient forests will cause.

"It's a no-brainer", Brown said today. "If the Hodgman government was putting $7 million into facilities for a world-class tourism experience into the Styx Valley of the Giants instead of getting more loggers back into destruction of our forests, it would be taxpayers money well spent".

“Guy is a bushwalker and loves the wilderness - just like thousands of visitors to Tasmania. I'll bet he doesn't head to fire-charred clear-fell areas for his Sunday walks. I am hugely proud of Tasmania - it is a World Heritage Island. Cutting down and burning the habitat of the wildlife that helps make our island world famous is studied ignorance in this day and age", Brown said.

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  • Barbara Loh
    commented 2016-10-18 07:15:52 +1100
    If only Guy Barnett could realize and keep remembering it is absolutely in his own and fellow Tasmanians’ SELF INTEREST to protect and not destroy this world natural wonder. Tasmania’s totally unique primeval and stunningly beautiful wilderness areas are now being recognised worldwide for what they are. Pristine Lake St Clair was a jaw dropping pricelss gem like that too -but now its former beauty has been lost forever. Not only our own, but our children’ s generation and their descendants can only look now at early photos of Lake St Clair. We have been cheated and robbed of ever personally experiencing this beautiful place before destruction. All because of a temporary greed for power and money. By refusing to treasure the real and lasting priceless value of Tasmanian wilderness we seriously blight not only our own lives, but the future lives of those dear to us.
    We also rob ourselves and all others of a basic human right to experience the truly big picture of nature. The balance, inner satisfaction and profound joy that comes with just being in the wild close to nature. This is the inheritance and a birthright we MUST leave for our ourselves, our children and their children. All the money in the world is no substitute for the satisfying happiness of a life lived close to nature.