Brown backs calls for Baird to drop land clearance laws

Media Release: 19 October 2016


Former national Greens leader Bob Brown has backed calls for Premier Baird to drop legislation lifting current prohibitions on land clearing in NSW. Following up on his speech to the Big Scrub Rainforest Day near Lismore on Sunday, Brown said the laws will push a range of endangered species nearer or into extinction.

'Already 22 species of modern Australian birds are extinct. The prime cause has been clearing of their habitat. I join the thousands of others calling on Mr Baird to do more to protect natural habitat rather than accelerate its destruction. If not, it is up to the federal Minister for the Environment, Josh Frydenberg, to overrule clearances wherever federally listed species, like the Koala, Regent Honeyeater or Swift Parrot have their habitat at stake,' Brown said.

Jenny Weber
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