From Bob's Camera – March 2020


Stormy takayna / Tarkine coast, Tasmania

Turbulent waters in turbulent times. But, deep down, the kelp is waving in the currents, the fish are foraging the reef and, soon, the great whales will come north along this coastline on their way to calve in warmer waters. Soon and inevitably, ensuring life for it all, the Sun will be shining again.


Equal creatures. This tiny critter is staring at globally-acclaimed author Margaret Atwood on a Tarkine track a month back. Both are amazed, sensitive and alert to the world. So different to the greed and chaos of Wall Street. 


Sooner or later things start looking up! Bob Brown.

Superb Fairy wren at Corinna Wilderness Experience, takayna / Tarkine.

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  • Eliza Tree
    commented 2020-07-18 00:35:05 +1000
    Beautiful, Positive, Poetic. Nature and Culture.