From Bob's camera - October 2021


Tarkine seaside show.



On the flank of Mt Rugby, overlooking Bathurst Harbour.


Sooty oystercatchers (youngster in front), Huon River.

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From Bob's Camera, February 2021

A full house at the Earth Celebration in Cygnet enjoying music, video, song and poetry to celebrate our unique home in the universe, Tasmania.


No, it’s not Egypt! The new Moon sets over Adamsons Peak in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.


Bob visiting Wentworth Hills forest defenders blockade in January 2021, central Tasmania.

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From Bob's Camera – November

"You tell me?". Cockatoo Hills, Tasmanian highlands.


"I hear Dona



lds in a bad mood?"


"Donald who?"

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From Bob's Camera – October

Lake Marion and the Guardians, by Val Whatley.


Pied Oystercatchers, Randalls Bay.

Pied Oystercatchers, Randalls Bay.


Pony in daffodils, Oura Oura.


Green Rosella, Randalls Bay.


tellepanger/Liffey Falls last Monday.


Our Campaign Organiser, Molly Coburn, at Oura Oura / Liffey after a cup of tea with Bob. 



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From Bob's Camera – August 2020

Some of our wonderful team in Swift Parrot forests threatened by logging.  Filming for the Great Forest Case. From left Matt Newton, Jen Sanger and Jenny Weber, Tasmania.


Adamson's Peak from old growth forests threatened by logging, coupe EP021C, Tasmania.


Threatened Styx forests open day, Tasmania.

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From Bob's Camera – July 2020

Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle


Bracken Fern, Tasmania


Egret, Tasmania



Man fern, Tasmania.

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From Bob's Camera – May 2020

Turning of the Fagus


Coral lichen is at its best, on southern Australia’s forest floors, in autumn. Here it is in the Randalls Bay Quarry Reserve, south of Hobart.


Self-reflections in kelp, Tasmania.

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From Bob's Camera – March 2020


Stormy takayna / Tarkine coast, Tasmania

Turbulent waters in turbulent times. But, deep down, the kelp is waving in the currents, the fish are foraging the reef and, soon, the great whales will come north along this coastline on their way to calve in warmer waters. Soon and inevitably, ensuring life for it all, the Sun will be shining again.


Equal creatures. This tiny critter is staring at globally-acclaimed author Margaret Atwood on a Tarkine track a month back. Both are amazed, sensitive and alert to the world. So different to the greed and chaos of Wall Street. 


Sooner or later things start looking up! Bob Brown.

Superb Fairy wren at Corinna Wilderness Experience, takayna / Tarkine.

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From Bob's Camera, September 2019

Magnetic Island, Queensland.


Hopkins Falls near Warrnambool, Victoria. 


Wentworth Hill Lagoon, central Tasmania.

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From Bob's Camera, July 2019


With the Frontline Action Campaign folk in Queensland.



Rock wallaby, North Queensland.



Tarkine boomer.


On Sumac ridge, Tarkine.



Surfer near Byron Bay.



Tarkine observer.

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