Bob Brown welcomes Dick Smith's input on World Heritage, but a broadside on 'puppet' Hunt's visit to see developers only


Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.  Photo: Dan Broun

Former Greens Leader Bob Brown has welcomed Dick Smith's comments on the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area saying, "the difference between Dick and Simon Currant is in their record: Dick publicly supported the Franklin blockade, Currant didn't; Dick spoke out and gave $2m to save Recherché Bay; Currant didn't lift a finger; Dick gave $1M for track upgrades to Frenchmans Cap; Currant didn't put in a dollar."

"Dick and I don't agree on private developers in World Heritage Areas but I respect him: he has no trouble raising a flag for the environment when it is critically endangered."

"Yesterday's visit by the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, to support developers wanting to degrade the TWWHA, but avoiding the environmentalists he represents, was pathetic. He is a puppet of the anti-environment sentiment in the Abbott government as demonstrated on his failures on the Great Barrier Reef, saving whales or forests."

"I have just spent two days in the Tarkine: and I challenge Hunt to do what his Labor predecessor failed to do, and declare the Tarkine 'Australian National Heritage' as recommended by the Australian Heritage Council. That would show environmental integrity, but one should not hold one's breath. I could also outline to Hunt developments in the TWWHA like in the Styx Valley of the Giants, at Cockle Creek and on the Gordon River, as well as in the Tarkine - places accessible to everyone and not just a select few - which would get broad community support."

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  • SirOsis OfThuliver
    commented 2015-01-23 09:06:32 +1100
    Well said Kathy.
  • Kathy Crawford
    commented 2015-01-22 20:54:24 +1100
    Good on you Dick Smith. I do not think Tasmanian World Heritage Areas need necessarily be also called Wilderness, as that implies no one hardly goes there, as in Antarctica? Tasmanian Aborigines roamed all over Tasmania from Coast to mountains etc. I think sensitive development in some areas might be ok, but the World needs quiet, peaceful areas for people to go to without helicopters, planes, cars and roads etc. I am concerned about former Forestry “Reserves” that are now managed by Parks and Wildlife. These areas do not ALL need to be developed either with extreme bike tracks, 4WD tracks, dirt bikes, etc. the wildlife need quiet areas and we benefit too when able to walk in natural Schlerrophyl " bush" and coastal areas, closer to towns and communities. Please Bob and other Greens help to protect these areas also in Tasmania, before they go. Thank you.
  • Paul Jackson
    commented 2015-01-22 17:56:03 +1100
    Eloquent and emphatic Bob. Greg Hunt is a national disgrace, as is the LNP and ALP.
    Common sense will prevail. We the people who know and care will prevail.