Bob Brown calls for Eco-Resort and Facilities Commission

Photo: Frankland Range, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, by Dan Broun.
Photo: Frankland Range, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, by Dan Broun.

"The Hodgman government's draft management plan for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area would inevitably erode wilderness and therefore jobs and economic well-being for Tasmanians. The plan is an economic, employment and ecological backward step.  It should be rejected outright", Bob Brown stated.

"Wilderness is perhaps the world's fastest-disappearing natural resource. It is the single most potent attractant for potential visitors to Tasmania and is the major factor behind the current improvement in Tasmania's job rate compared to other states", Bob Brown said.

Bob Brown and the Bob Brown Foundation have made their submission to the Tasmanian government on the 2014 Draft Management Plan for Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area, see attached document.

Bob Brown recommended to the Tasmanian government, "Logging and Mining inside the World Heritage Area must to be ruled out and prohibited, as it has been before. A Eco-Resort & Facilities Commission should be established to aid the private sector to capitalise on Tasmania’s natural and cultural attractions adjacent to and outside the Tasmanian World Heritage Area".

"Private ecologically-advanced tourism and hospitality infrastructure can be developed on the plentiful supply of spectacular back-country places, on private lands, such as Tasmania's non-National Park shorelines, the Liffey Valley, Central Plateau, Tarkine, Huon Valley and West Coast Range".  Bob Brown said.

Bob Brown Foundation's Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said, "Our Foundation has coordinated more than 3000 submissions from concerned citizens to the Tasmanian government on the draft management plan. These citizens are urging both the Tasmanian and federal governments to ensure that 'wilderness' remains an integral part of the management of Tasmania's world-renowned Wilderness World Heritage Area".

"Wilderness is not just a brand for the government and private tourism operators to use without ensuring Tasmania's Wilderness remain intact and preserved for future generations, without the degradation that will come with the current draft management plan and the Hodgman government attack on wilderness and the World Heritage Area," Jenny Weber said.

Download the Bob Brown Foundation Submission to the Draft Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan 2014 here.

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