Bob Brown at Sydney Opera House for Steve Posselt Epic


Former Greens Leader and veteran environmentalist Bob Brown will be at the Sydney Opera House at noon today to farewell veteran kayaker Steve Posselt on his epic trip up the Mississippi River en route to Paris, to draw attention to the need for action on climate change threatening the planet's future.

Grandfather Posselt, 62, famous for his journey down Australia's great Darling-Murray rivers system, will this time kayak North America south to north from the Gulf of Mexico via the mighty Mississippi to Hudson Bay before kayaking across England and the English Channel and then up the Seine River to Paris for November's crucial global conference on climate change action. Posselt has a capsicum spray in case he is confronted by polar bears.

"Steve won't get a knighthood from Tony Abbott but his paddling en route to Paris will highlight how far Tony Abbott is paddling Australia backwards on climate change," Bob Brown said.

"Posselt is deeply committed to securing the planet from its current spiral into global warming, mass extinctions and riverine pollution. He is out of his armchair and doing all he can to get others to take action too," Brown said.

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