takayna / Tarkine BioBlitz 2020

Tickets to BioBlitz 2020 are now on sale - scroll down for ticket options.

We will be running our BioBlitz differently in 2020 as a result of COVID19. 

Rather than running one large event out of Riverbend, we will be splitting our BioBlitz up into six different field trips that will explore and survey different parts of the Tarkine. We will be running the following field trips - Corinna, New Haven, Mount Bertha, Tarkine Coast, Que River and Rapid River. 

For detailed information on each field trip, please head here. 

Our BioBlitzes are an exciting, three day festival of citizen science in nature. Over the past five years, we have taken over 500 scientists, supporters and volunteers into the Tarkine landscape to observe and record more than 1800 species of flora, fauna, fungi and more. 

We bring enthusiastic citizens together with passionate scientists, observing creatures like the endangered Masked Owl or Astacopsis Gouldi, studying beautiful and minuscule myxomycetes and fascinating fungi, lichen and bryophyte, and identifying and recording the vast and varied species of flora that make up the Tarkine's ecosystem. 

If you are a scientist or naturalist and would like to help us by running a survey, please email [email protected] for more information. Unfortunately, we have filled all of our volunteer spots for now.

Click here to download the Event Information Booklet.


November 13, 2020 at 4pm - November 16, 2020
takayna / Tarkine
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Will you come?

$200.00 Que River Field Trip - Shared House.
A bed in a shared house. Meals are provided.
$165.00 SOLD OUT - Corinna Field Trip - Camping
A campsite at Corinna. You will need to bring camping equipment, but meals are provided.
$165.00 Rapid River Field Trip - Camping
A campsite at Rapid River. You will need to bring camping equipment, but meals are provided.
$165.00 Que River Field Trip - Camping
A campsite in Que Forest. You will need to bring camping equipment, but meals are provided.
$150.00 SOLD OUT - Tarkine Coast Field Trip
Self-sufficient remote walking trip from Temma to Ordnance Point. You will need to bring all your own hiking equipment and food.
$85.00 Corinna Ferry Ticket
ticket for participants who went on the Arcadia at Corinna
$35.00 GENERAL - Food Only Ticket
This ticket is for people who have organised external accomodation but will be joining us for meals and activities

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