BioBlitz 2016 - Tasmania's only epiphytic orchid

Sarcochilus australis - Tasmania's only epiphytic orchid. Photo: Jess Rettig

On the enchanting walk into the flooded sinkhole, Lake Chisholm, it is almost too easy to become completely distracted by the beautiful old growth stands of Eucalyptus delegatensis and Eucalyptus regnans not to mention the stands of Myrtle, Sassafras and Celery Top Pine. As a result the tiny members of the plant community are often overlooked.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of one of our survey leaders, Greg Martin this little epiphytic orchid was spotted! We identified this to be Sarcochilus australis a member of the Orchidaceae family. Not only is it quite rare but it is also Tasmania's only epiphytic orchid! A pretty special find.

Jess Rettig


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