Bob Brown Returns to the Belfast Coastal Reserve to celebrate with community

Our community gathering with Bob Brown in the Belfast Coastal Reserve yesterday, from the air.
Too precious to be turned into a commercial racehorse training track.
The Tarerer whale looking spectacular. 
This is the site where upwards of 800 Aboriginal people would gather, pre-colonisation, when a whale would beach.
Come on Labor, come on Liberal, come on independents, it’s time to commit and do the right thing. 
Do not change the planning laws. 
Stand with the community on the right side of history and with what is legal. 
It’s also the lore of the land.
We shall not be moved. 
We will never allow it on our Public Commons.

Thanks to Colleen Hughson @First Ladies Productions for filming the celebration and editing of the video footage.
Thanks also to Robin Maguire for kindly supplying action footage

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  • Iain Barr
    followed this page 2022-01-19 17:55:55 +1100
  • Iain Barr
    commented 2022-01-19 17:51:28 +1100
    hey all,
    I just let your ‘management’ team know that a big drilling project, some 100kms south of Strahan, south of the Darwin Crater (it must be south of Pt Hibbs, is to start tomorrow.
    The team is being helicoptered in tomorrow for at least two weeks, a huge operation.

    Thought exploration was not allowed in WHA’s?

    Anybody know anything?