Australia’s national parks are being privatised by stealth - Bob Brown

Please read this ABC article and send it to your friends. After decades of campaigning by thousands of environmentally committed People against logging, mining, dams, highways and real estate carve-ups, nationals parks in every state and territory are now being thrown to the wolves of profit.

The price includes loss of wildness, intrusion by helicopter (servicing and client delivery) noise, light pollution and wildlife disruption. The men profiting from this public loss NEVER lifted a finger to protect these areas and, in many cases, actively opposed conservationists who spent years of their lives freely working to save them as national parks.

Please support the folk in your state or territory now gearing up to protect wild and beautiful places and wildlife from this insidious money-driven new threat.

- Bob Brown

Read the full article here:



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  • Wendy Kurka
    commented 2019-03-11 22:19:43 +1100
    Can we make Greed and Profiteering a criminal offence?