The Standard: Bob Brown calls for horses on beaches to be election issue


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ABC Mornings with Sarah Gillman: How do we define our wilderness?

Listen to Bob Brown discuss how we define wilderness. 

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Bob Brown on 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne

The following interview with Bob Brown was broadcast on 3MBS Fine Music Melbourne on Sunday, 1 July as part of the station’s weekly Reflections program.  In the interview Bob reflects on his life and the development of his passion and activism for the environment.  You can link to the interview on the 3MBS website by clicking here.


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Media Release: Liberals’ Silly Complaint

A story in today’s (Wednesday’s) Mercury covering Braddon Liberal candidate Brett Whiteley’s complaints about global retailer Patagonia’s film on the Tarkine went without comment from the Bob Brown Foundation.

However, in reply, Bob Brown says the Liberals’ Whiteley is a product of last century thinking who doesn’t know the Tarkine and has his facts wrong.

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Attenborough and Hodgman: Bob’s TV viewers’ guide to the difference.


‘Tasmania is full of surprises’ - David Attenborough.

‘Tasmania will astound the world’ - Bob Brown.

Here are ten surprises of the wrong sort for watchers of the fabulous David Attenborough film about Tasmania on ABC TV, Sunday night. They come from the Liberal Premier of Tasmania, Will Hodgman. He:

  • wanted the word ‘wilderness’ scrubbed from the name Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
  • promotes dozens of dams blocking platypus-habitat Tasmanian streams, with no environmental assessment or report.
  • is the prime reason Tasmania lags behind almost every similar place on Earth when it comes to marine national parks.
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Overnight with Michael McLaren: Bob Brown on Tasmania’s green tourism boom

Bob brown chats to Michael McLaren about tourism in Tasmania.

“What we’re seeing is a tsunami of tourist operators moving and wanting to make money out of this, which is problem,” says former Greens leader Bob Brown.

“Lots of people coming has been great for small business, many jobs have been created and things are going well,” he concedes.



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Belfast Coastal Reserve: 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium a great success.

Bob Brown was the keynote speaker at the 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium. Speaker after speaker at the event shared detailed cultural, environmental and public land and safety information, providing the community with the knowledge they needed to be able to make informed decisions about the cultural and environmental significance and the future of the Belfast Coastal Reserve.

“Where were you”, he began, “When the seasons began to change? Where were you when the species were being driven to extinction? Did you step off the curb and join the struggle or just leave it to others? Future generations will thank us for our efforts. We call on the Local, State and Federal governments to commit to to afford the BCR the respect and protections that it needs, to recover and to restore the environmental and Cultural integrity of this precious coastal gem, so that the environmental and cultural treasures of this region be protected into the future”. He informed, challenged and inspired and his closing words were, “Be of good heart. We will win” and left the stage to thunderous applause.

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The Mercury, Talking Point: It’s an assault on the wilderness - By Bob Brown

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2017 Christmas message from Bob


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McCann Bros. “ghost sign” restoration - Progress Update


The faded McCann Bros. music store sign advertising ‘Piano and Radio’ on terms of five shillings weekly was painted by Hobart signwriter Max Towell in the 1930s. It is on the south wall of the two-stories brick building ‘Loretto’ at the corner of Macquarie and Warneford Streets.

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