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Tarkine in Motion 2018 is underway with over 200 artists and volunteers spread out across ten camps in takayna / Tarkine.

It was a wet start to the weekend and the rainforest at Corinna lived up to its name with a solid drenching of rain on Friday morning. Still, the rain is good for fungi so there is always a silver lining to being soaked.



Jessie Westbury, base camp coordinator for the remote takayna coast crew, departed in the dark before dawn on the Pieman river from Corinna headed for Pieman Heads. Rocky Sainty and Theresa Sainty travelled downriver and walked part of the way to do Aboriginal cultural sharing with the 13 artists and volunteers heading north to Interview River.



The Pieman River flows right through the rainforest at Corinna, so it only takes a few steps to find yourself with a beautiful view of the forest and the river.



One of our busiest coastal camps is at the tiny 'shack village' of Arthur River.  This is a magnificent stretch of coastline, probably why so many of our artists are keen to base themselves here for Tarkine in Motion.


Bluff Point near Arthur River.

Photos Jenny Weber (top three) and Angel Ioannou (bottom image)


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