Australian and Tasmanian Environment Leaders Unite over Forest Protection

Media Release: 31 October 2016


Today, leaders of the Australian and Tasmanian environment movement including Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Peg Putt, Scott Jordan, Peter McGlone, Rob Blakers, Jenny Weber and Tasmanian Greens' Leader and Forests' spokesperson, Cassy O'Connor MP, and Tasmanian Greens Senator Nick McKim joined today to call on the Tasmanian Government to back down on plans to legislate logging in 357,000 hectares of independently verified high conservation values across Tasmania.

“At stake here along with the beautiful forests but the fate of magnificent species like the Swift Parrot, the Tasmanian Devil and Tasmania’s wedge-tailed Eagle,” Bob Brown said.

“Wrong way, go back Will Hodgman,” Bob Brown said.

“Will Hodgman is about to make a liar of Malcolm Turnbull who will be telling the rest of the world that Australia will meet its 2020 gas targets by ‘reducing native forest logging’[i], how does increasing logging in Tasmania do that Malcolm?” Global Greens Ambassador Christine Milne said.

“Hodgman’s plan doesn’t just take us back pre-Tasmanian Forest Agreement, but it reopens forests protected under the 2005 Howard-Lennon deal. This is unacceptable. In the Tarkine, 100,000 hectares will be returned to loggers under the proposed legislation, including 30,000 hectares of unreserved forests that were promised protection by John Howard and Paul Lennon,” Save the Tarkine Campaign Coordinator Scott Jordan said.

“The markets are an important factor because of their sensitivity internationally and domestically to dealing in wood products that arise from this type of forest destruction, and they won’t be dictated to by the Tasmanian Government,” CEO for Markets for Change Peg Putt said.

“The big question is what will industry do and how will Forestry Tasmania respond now that the Government has given them something they didn’t ask for rather than a reasonable solution,” Peg Putt said.

“Logging Tasmania’s high conservation value forests is the quickest way to trash Tasmania’s brand,” Nature Photographers Tasmania spokesperson Rob Blakers said.

“Today, this Government and Forestry Tasmania are logging high conservation value forests around Tasmania, including Swift Parrot habitat. Rainforests in the Tarkine are on the logging schedule this summer. Allowing logging in more of Tasmania’s unique intact forests of the Tarkine, Wielangta and Bruny Island forests will be a climate, wildlife and environmental disaster,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

"The Tasmania Conservation Trust, along with a number of other conservation groups did not sign on to the Tasmanian Forests Agreement but we always supported the reservation of these nearly 400,000 hectares of forests and we continue to support their reservation" said Tasmanian Conservation Trust Director Peter McGlone.


[i] re Australia using low rates of native forest logging to offset land clearance etc. logging

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