Breaking: Gutwein approved WorkSafe Tas forest protest ban collapses

In a stunning victory, we have just returned from court where the WorkPlace safety regulator agreed to set aside the 'prohibition notice', effectively tearing it up.

This is a huge victory for the Foundation and a complete vindication of the right to peaceful protest.

We have a clear message for Tasmania's Gutwein Government. No matter how you threaten us, we will never stop our peaceful defence of Tasmania's forests.

We know they will try again, so we need to be ready to take them on. It is vital we succeed - if we don't, other governments around Australia could follow Tasmania's lead and turn important workplace safety regulations into tools for banning peaceful protest.

We will need tens of thousands of dollars to cover our legal costs for this case and future battles.

Will you help us to remain vigilant and defend the right to protest, whenever it is threatened? Your donation to our fighting fund will help us to mount swift and effective challenges to any future attempts to stop peaceful protests.

Click here to read our media release.

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