Antarctica and the Southern Ocean




Join us on June 23rd 2021 to demand that Antarctic treaty nations commit to becoming true guardians of Antarctica. The Antarctic Treaty Meeting will be happening online during this time, its 60th anniversary.




Antarctica – a natural reserve dedicated to peace and science, where the rights of nature should prevail.


In the age of climate crisis and the sixth mass extinction, Antarctica, one of Earth's wild places, can – and should – be an example of protection and importantly, restoration.


“Our campaign will protect and restore Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. There are many threats facing this unique ecosystem and we must tackle them head-on.”

– Bob Brown


The future of Antarctica is at risk.



The climate crisis will turn the Antarctic ecosystem upside down and melting glaciers will change global coastlines forever, primarily displacing communities who've contributed least to the climate crisis. 


Our Focus



The Australian Govt is planning a huge concrete airport in Antarctica.

It will have irreversible environmental impacts.


Climate breakdown is the gravest threat to the future of Antarctica.

Melting glaciers will change global coasts forever.



Krill, the foundational species of the Antarctic food web, is being targeted by industrial trawlers. This threatens the primary food source of whales & penguins.



Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish, also known as Chilean Sea Bass, which live up to 2km deep in the Southern Ocean, are targeted by global fleets longline vessels.


The amount of people visiting Antarctica has been rapidly increasing over the last decade with numbers reaching 50,000 & expected to rise.

Mission Statement

In this climate emergency & extinction crisis, what happens to Antarctica affects all of Earth. We will challenge the multiple threats to Antarctica.