Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

- A natural reserve dedicated to peace and science, where the rights of nature should prevail.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is one of Earth's most spectacular and wild places. With towering icebergs, gigantic glaciers and an incredible array of wildlife, it is a thriving ecosystem that can – and should – be an example of protection and restoration.



“Our campaign will protect and restore Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. There are many threats facing this unique ecosystem and we must tackle them head-on.”

– Bob Brown


Despite its globally-recognised significance, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is facing immediate industrialisation, fisheries, tourism and climate impact threats. 



We have time to protect Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, but we need to act now. Join our campaign and get involved.


Our Focus


Davis Airport

25/11/21: Victory- The Australian Government has abandoned plans to build this destructive airport. Learn more.


Climate breakdown is the gravest threat to the future of Antarctica. Melting glaciers will change global coasts forever. Learn more.



Krill, the foundational species of the Antarctic food web, is being targeted by industrial trawlers. This threatens the primary food source of whales & penguins.



Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish, also known as Chilean Sea Bass, which live up to 2km deep in the Southern Ocean. They are targeted by global fleets of longline vessels.


The amount of people visiting Antarctica has been rapidly increasing over the last decade with numbers reaching 50,000 & expected to rise. However, tourism is self regulated.


Mission Statement

In this climate emergency and extinction crisis, what happens to Antarctica affects all of Earth.  We will take action for Antarctica.