Amateur scientists descend on Tarkine wilderness in Tasmania to catalogue natural values


An ABC article on Tarkine BioBlitz 2016:

"Sure we are coming along Forestry Tasmania roads and it's a dear shame that there's forestry roads into some of these ancient rainforests."These forests have wedge-tailed eagle nests in them where the wedge-tailed eagles are breeding," she said.

"They have Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish on the banks of the river. So these are rare endangered species in ancient old growth forests."

The presence of high profile threatened species in the Tarkine has been known long before the bioblitz, but Ms Weber said the bioblitz event helped raise awareness about the area.

"As environmentalists we are not naive to the fact we have a long way to go but this is a very important step.

"We have people come from the mainland to experience the place and experience it as an intact ecosystem and say, 'actually there's benefits to this place remaining intact.'"

Read the full story on here.


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