Allegiance of loggers with Liberals on draconian legislation

“While not surprising, it is appalling that the loggers support the draconian legislation passed by the Tasmanian Liberal Government last week in the lower house of parliament, including mandatory sentencing for non-violent defenders of the environment," Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

"Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) has today waved the red flag of extremism, supporting moves to lock up peaceful protesters to allow the unhindered destruction of Tasmania’s wild places,” Jenny Weber said.

FIAT support for this draconian legislation is another act of greed driven by a desire to destroy the environment while attempting to silence critics.

“The far-reaching implications that the Liberal Government’s grim attack on protests will have in Tasmania has alarmed unions, political parties, civil libertarians, and environmental groups. FIAT's support for the draconian legislation puts them in the extremist minority", Jenny Weber said.

“As Tasmania is poised to experience environmental destruction on a grand scale under this Government, FIAT is ushering in a police state on behalf of the logging companies. They want to issue a list of environmental protectors so they can be jailed for practising their democratic right to peaceful protest.”

“Last week a decision was made on the international stage to protect Tasmania’s World Heritage forests, forests that were left standing as a result of non-violent campaigns by environmentalists.  Now the logging companies' push for the destruction of Tasmania’s unique native forests will be under a dark cloud of harsh penalties for anyone who criticises a practice that belongs in the dark ages, along with this legislation,” Jenny Weber said.

The 'Workplace Protection from Protesters Bill' is set to be considered by the Legislative Council in August. Tasmania's Forest Industries Association has today backed the legislation and stated that it does not go far enough.

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