Alec Marr

What has been very educational at the World Heritage Committee meeting is that this is a State Party meeting. As an observer I have been fascinated to follow the debate of the state parties about natural and cultural heritage. Respect for this forum is paramount. So to is the respect for the Convention, something that is being attacked by the Australian Government, by applying to remove 74,000 ha from Tasmania's World Heritage Area.

Someone who has been attending these meetings for the past 20 years, as an observer on behalf of the natural wonders of the world is Alec Marr.  Alec has represented Australia's World Heritage sites in this forum for longer than anyone else in Australia, and it shows.  His understanding and insights have been very valuable.


Tasmania's delegation to the World Heritage Committee meeting.  Peter Hitchcock, Phill Pullinger, Alec Marr, Jenny Weber and Lincoln Siliakus

This year I have joined Alec, who is leading an expert delegation including Protected Area and World Heritage specialist Peter Hitchcock AM and World Heritage legal expert Lincoln Siliakus.

With Phill Pullinger from Environment Tasmania, I have joined with this team, representing NGOs to observe at this meeting and advocate for the tall eucalyptus tract of forests from Cockle Creek in far south Tasmania to the Great Western Tiers in the north.

The World Heritage Committee, made up of 21 state parties, is charged with evaluation and protection of the most important sites for culture and nature around the world, to ensure these places are protected for future generations.

Jenny Weber

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