The Adani mine is this generation's Franklin River. People power can stop it - Bob Brown

An article in The Guardian by Bob Brown, 24 March 2017


When I rafted the Franklin in the 1970s, I knew the campaign to save that spectacular river, despite local support for damming it, would become one to test that generation. In 2017, stopping the Adani coal mine is a campaign to test this generation of Australians.

In 40 years time people will be talking about the campaign to stop Adani like they now talk about the Franklin. “Where were you and what did you do?” they will ask.

This is the environmental issue of our times and, for one, the Great Barrier Reef is at stake. The Adani corporation’s dirty coalmine is an impending disaster with effects which will reach far beyond Australia.

Everywhere I go people ask me about it. They cannot believe that, at a time when we should be drastically cutting the pollution which drives global warming, Australia’s authorities would even consider building the world’s biggest export coalmine.

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  • Vincent Brown
    commented 2017-08-28 20:52:43 +1000
    Politics plays a massive role too – Adani’s owner is considered to be close to the ruling party in India, and as a result Adani gets targeted alot by the opposition. I’m not saying there isn’t smoke without fire, but there definetly isn’t as much to warrant such hate and negetivity.

    Adani also has helped and developed some pretty poor areas of the country. I’ve seen many short well produced interviews with locals bashing Adani, but they are not completely reflective of the reality or scale on ground. You can’t please everyone, all the time – but they have certainly delivered for the majority. Fact is thousands (if not millions) depend on the activity of the ports, mines & other Infrastructure projects they run for thier bread & butter.

    So i don’t think they has “caused loads of trouble” as you put it. They have been accused – and courts will have to see if they are indeed guilty. Also – they are very big on solar, and water conversation. Supprising? but true. Also helped preserve and boost the population of an endangered tortoise species locally. So not all bad after all i guess.

    I’d say research Adanis a bit deeper – they have better track records than most of the IR Chinese counterparts who run and profit from many mines in Australia.
  • Pauline Hollywood
    commented 2017-05-13 22:51:26 +1000
    Because Adani failed to disclose its destructive environmental history to the Government before receiving approvals from the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC), it invoked a “disqualifying event.” From my understanding of the “Adani Brief” this “disqualifying event” cannot be addressed by the EPBC until the EPBC Act 1994 is amended, to insert a provision to empower the Federal Minister for the Environment to (1) reconsider Adani’s true environmental history, and (2) suspend or cancel any EPBC approvals already given. (I suspect the Government will not want to fix that issue as hastily as it tried to fix the issue of native title laws). That’s never going to happen unless we write to Ministers asking them to urgently debate the necessity for amendments to the EPBC Act 1999, in Parliament.
    According to the “Adani Brief”, under the Environment Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) of Queensland, the Directors-General of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (Mr Jim Reeves and Mr Jamie Merrick) have the powers to cancel or suspend Adani’s registration due to the “disqualifying event”. I was unable to find a direct email address for either DG’s.
    I believe Dr Steven Miles, the Qld Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef, is the overseer of their office! Email: [email protected] Do you think it would be worthwhile for us to urge Dr Miles to have his DG’s consider whether, due to the “disqualifying event”, Adani’s registration should be cancelled or suspended?
  • Bronwyn Brennan
    commented 2017-04-27 17:43:43 +1000
    This is beyond stupidity – this is deliberate and considered destruction and the Australian Government are ignoring the public who know exactly what is at stake. Wake up Australia – this is a direct attack on the future well being of everyone living in this country and a direct attack on democractic principles and processes. These power hungry deluded politicians MUST BE STOPPED before it is too late
  • Eric Pinto
    commented 2017-04-13 03:29:20 +1000
    Adani’s coal from Australia will be unloaded in Goa (on India’s West coast) and we Goans are against the smothering of our air with coal dust. Many environmental and social groups have combined forces to tell the Government to stop the import of coal.
    Eric Pinto, Green Brigade, Goa
  • Pavel Aubrecht
    commented 2017-04-04 19:53:15 +1000
    Shame on our politicians, shame on both major parties to allow such unbelievable project to go ahead. Let’s stop the destruction, let’s stop it now, let’s stop our politicians playing with our children’s heritage!