ABC article gets it wrong, seven different ways.


Here’s Scomo-era ABC TV’s Allyson Horne in Brisbane getting fast out of the blocks with her news ‘analysis’. Ms Horne failed to contact me about this story.

Below a quick list of seven things wrong with this 'analysis'.

*First line: ‘If there’s one thing Queenslanders don’t like it’s being told what to do.’ Ms Horne is plagiarising the Murdoch media, but not mentioning that Joh Bjelke-Peterson set the stage by coming to Tasmania to demand it build the Franklin dam.

*First photos caption says that the convoy ‘... united agriculture and mining sectors’. Wrong. The convoy met agriculturalists all along the way who opposed Gautam Adani’s mine, not least its impact on water.

*’Jobs are key in Queensland and Adani's Carmichael Coal mine will guarantee work.’ Not so. Australia Institute studies show Adani’s mine will be jobs-negative as it will rob jobs from other mining. That’s before automation sets in.

*Ms Horne’s boxed quote from the NLP’s Michelle Landry encapsulates both the above points: at best, this journalist turned a right-wing politician’s opinion into her idea of ABC analysis.

*‘Bob Brown's anti-Adani protestors were met with a frosty welcome from pro-coal locals.’ And and a warm one from bigger numbers of anti-Adani Queenslanders including 5,000 in Brisbane.

*’In Adani country, Michelle Landry, George Christensen and Ken O'Dowd recorded swings of up to 15 per cent to transform their ultra-marginal electorates into comfortably safe seats.’ The 3 MPs Ms Horne names got less than 2% (-1.1% in O’Dowd’s case) change in their primary votes. Labor’s lost vote went across to Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson and then a lot leaked through preferences to the LNP. No swing reached 12%.

*’Queenslanders have a history of championing charismatic politicians like ... Barnaby Joyce ...’ Really.

Allyson Horne should get back on the fence.

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  • Les Hutchinson
    commented 2019-06-01 19:25:14 +1000
    There’s only ONE THING that CHEATED Labor of the Election, and that’s evil grub Alan Jones 21 Stations in QLD 17 in NSW 12 in WA conning the Clueless, BRAINWASHING the bogans, and duping the dills to HATE Bill! And HATE Greens! SCREECHES Jones: “BOB BROWN’S TRYING TO TELL QUEENSLANDERS HOW TO VOTE! SQUAWK!” Abetted by the equally evil FOREIGN INTERFERING mongrel $Media Mogul Murdoch. These two will continue to successfully massage the morons to HATE Labor & Greens until both of them are dead, hopefully soon. If ScamMo & his Big Greed Business and Industrialist Cronie$ & Donor$ hadn’t OFFSHORED all of our Aussie Manufacturing JOBS to avoid paying Australian wages, people would not be so desperate for coal mining jobs.
  • Melissa McLelland
    commented 2019-06-01 08:55:38 +1000
    Shannon Blechynden: first of all, the “drunken rednecks” were the ones given a day off and unlimited free beer at the Clermont pub. That included fat, unhealthy, young children shouting obscenities to the peaceful convoy. And what about that tosser who illegally rode a horse through the showgrounds? He was egged on by a bunch of yobbos outside the premises. He was half tanked and dumped the horse in the bush afterwards. Thankfully the horse was rescued by a protester. Seems like YOU cost the election. And as for you, Johnn Smith (no profile photo), Stay off the sauce when making comments. Grammar is undoubtedly not your forte. Queensland is not a country. How about you stay where you are and never holiday somewhere that is not your own suburb. Fair’s fair.
  • Shannon Blechynden
    commented 2019-05-26 10:28:44 +1000
    You should have done at least due diligence
    Going on a run up to Queensland like a mob of drunken rednecks
    Probably cost the election . Thanks
  • Johnn Smith
    commented 2019-05-20 20:31:30 +1000
    The results are in election is done.
    You stuffed up Bob. Stay out of QLD