Abbott sabotaging your future Brown tells young Australians

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's green "sabotage" charge is a highly-irresponsible failure to defend Australia's system of law and order, environmentalist and former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Melbourne today. It is the PM who is sabotaging Australia's future, Brown said.

Addressing 300 teenagers at a conference on social responsibility, Brown said that they were living through the most ecologically illiterate and irresponsible Prime Ministership in modern Australian history. "Mr Abbott's Minister for the Environment has bungled the Adani coal mine process and the court found him out. The Prime Minister is driving a trenchantly anti-environmental course highlighted by his re-iteration just last month that loggers are Australia's genuine environmentalists. Abbott's anti-green mantra is based on fabrication and illusion about the real environmental crises and economic options facing Australia and the planet."

The Adani coal mine project threatens the extinction of species, an injection of billions more tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and damage to both Aboriginal and European heritage in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

"I challenge Abbott to justify this in real terms - he is wrong on the environment, wrong on his claim of 10,000 jobs and wrong in saying the mine is needed to give 100 million poor Indians electricity. This is the PM who is proud to have cut billions of dollars out of Australia's already-low overseas aid budget. His claims are as duplicitous as they are simply wrong.

Brown said that Abbott's measure of Hunt's success in terms of billions of dollars of developments ticked off by the minister, rather than any environmental advance for Australia, underscored the bankruptcy of his thinking.

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  • Bee Winfield
    commented 2015-08-10 02:38:28 +1000
    Yay for the wonderful Bob Brown. New Zealand has just shut down its last 2 coal fired power stations as it embraces renewable energy along with the rest of the world bar one notable exception: Australia. At one time we rode on the sheep’s back. But the plastic industry took over clothing, adding pollution to our Earth. Lately we have had an easy ride on the back of mining….destructive, polluting mining. Seems we’ve become a nation of spoilt people living like celebrities in palatial homes, not many lack for a huge TV and split system air con, while Asian slaves provide our food, postage, and the latest polyester fashions dirt cheap. Our entertainment gadgets are made from rare earths mined from lands violently grabbed from poor Africans, whilst we take in the least number of refugees of all countries,and send boat people back over the horizon to die.Maybe Australians live like this because they just don’t get it, and in ignorance voted in a similarly ignorant leader. I cringe to be an Australian as the world loses respect for us. Thank you Bob for illuminating the problem to these 300 young people
  • Cornelia Constance
    commented 2015-08-09 21:38:24 +1000
    Only one comment? Are Australians asleep? Thankyou Bob for speaking on our behalf. We need you to keep speaking, keep fighting, keep this Government from governing, what a disgrace they are:(
  • Margaret Blair
    commented 2015-08-07 21:00:25 +1000
    Why can this so called human get away with treason ? Two hundred years ago he would have been hung drawn and quartered ! Why can’t we sue Governments for wrongdoing?