4CORNERS beats the miners’ drum.

4Corners had an unmistakable message: everyone must accept many more mines in Australia’s sensitive environments and environmentalists should swap to believing that mining is the saviour of the planet. But that is bunk.

The program ran, unchallenged, the claim by the Australian Minerals Council and its acolytes that we must all get behind mines to save us from climate change - the very hazard the AMC has spent decades fuelling through its strident advocacy for coal, gas and oil extraction corporations.

The program avoided the fact that tin (which Venture Minerals is set to mine in the Tarkine) is not critical but one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. Venture Minerals threatens the pristine Huon pine precinct of the Wilson River in the Tarkine but 4Corners dropped that fact from its story.

4Corners knew about but did not question the Morrison government’s plans for 10 mining precincts in Australia where environmental laws will be effectively removed, as the AMC wants. The Tarkine will be one of these if Morrison is re-elected.

Nor did it say that across Australia, in particular Tasmania, governments are moving to impose draconian penalties, including years in jail, for environmentalists who peacefully defend forests and other wildlife habitats from mining destruction.

Not a word aired about the need to curb consumerism if any of the natural planet is to survive our human onslaught.

Our foundation is committed to Australia’s environmental bounty and, for one, our campaign to defend the forest and wildlife fastness of the Tarkine will take on the miners and loggers until the region is declared protected for all times.

The most telling moment of the program was seeing and hearing the defenders of the forest in the Tarkine and in the Northern Territory woodlands. In their pluck is the saving of the planet.

You can watch the full programme here

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  • Adam Burling
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