2015 Deni Greene Award

Dominique Hes

Dr Dominique Hes is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture at the University of Melbourne, and was previously Researcher and Manager of the Sustainable Building Program at RMIT University.

Dominique is a highly regarded educator with a deep background in the application of sustainability principles to the built environment and a passion for demonstrating that human activities need to be seen as part of and connected with nature.

Both professionally and in her volunteer activities, Dominique’s advocacy for a holistic view of sustainability and its extension to the concept of ‘regenerative’ development aims to move beyond reductionist and pessimistic positions to creative, innovative, generous action to achieve sustainable outcomes. At the same time, her work is imbued with a practicality that means she is taken seriously and seen as inspirational.

The book Dominique recently co-wrote, Designing for Hope: Pathways to Regenerative Sustainability questions the current approach to development and proposes a different worldview that is more holistic and ecological.

In 2015, Dominique received both the faculty (architecture) and university (Melbourne Uni) awards for teaching. 

Dominique is working on a number of projects that will deliver future benefits including: books on Engineering/Business/Farming/Education and Housing for Hope, running a Victorian collaborative that brings together those interested in regenerative approaches to sustainability and working with Passive House Australia, One Planet Living, The Living Futures Institute and Biomimicry Australia.

Over her career, her enduring commitment has seen her inspire students, skill up professionals and develop community awareness and empowerment. Her hard work and optimism, grounded in reality, present a powerful model for others, and mean she continues to provide leadership in effective and practical sustainability.

As Dominique was unable to attend the awards, the Deni Greene Award was accepted by Dominique's husband Tim Simpkin. Photo: David Tatnall

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