2012 Environmental Courage Award

Miranda Gibson

Miranda Gibson is one of Tasmania’s most committed and courageous front-line forest campaigners. She has been a core member of the environment group Still Wild Still Threatened for over five years, living at Camp Floz, a blockade in the Upper Florentine Valley.

She has been the media spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened for the past year and half.

Miranda is a qualified high school teacher, specialising in Society and Environment and English. She has put her career on hold to dedicate herself to the campaign to protect Tasmania’s forests.

Miranda was one of 13 forest campaigners who were targeted by woodchipping giant Gunns Ltd when the company attempted to sue these activists for the protesting at a woodchipping facility. The case was dropped after about two years.
In 2008 Miranda was one of two activists assaulted by logging contractors in a vicious attack that was caught on film and made international headlines.

Undeterred, Miranda has worked with other Still Wild Still Threatened campaigners to monitor wildlife in Tasmania’s threatened forests using remote-sensor cameras. Their work has documented the presence of threatened species including Tasmanian Devils and Spotted Tailed Quolls inside areas scheduled for logging.

In 2008, Miranda co-authored a guide to the “Flora and Fauna of the Upper Florentine Valley”, the sales of which have helped raised money for the forest campaign.

Miranda is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to learn about and learn from the wonders of the natural world. She is an inspiring example of an individual willing to take a stand to ensure that future generations can experience and enjoy our precious natural heritage.

Miranda has now spent more than nine months in her tree sit, more than sixty metres high in a huge Eucalyptus regnans tree (below Mt Mueller), which would otherwise have gone to the woodchippers.

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