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Your donation will help us stop the return of commercial whaling

Japan's pro-whaling president of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will stand before their meeting in Brazil and demand a return to commercial whaling, spilling the blood of thousands of whales into the world's oceans.



This illegal, barbaric practice, which pushed so many whale species to the very edge of extinction, was finally banned in 1986 after decades of campaigning. This hard-fought achievement was not won only to be tossed out at the behest of a single, bloody-minded government.

Already illegally harpooning hundreds of pregnant Minke whales in Antarctic waters each year, Japan is now relying on world apathy to legalise its butchery.

We will not let this stand.

Your donation will help us confront Japan and their plans to industrialise the killing of thousands of whales.

As the Japanese president of the IWC rises to address the meeting in Brazil, we will rise up in protest here in Australia.

Our Foundation is not afraid of taking action and we will take this battle right to the doorstep of the Japanese government.

With your support, we won't give up until the scourge of whaling is eliminated once and for all.

Bob Brown

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