Tarkine in Bendigo weekend report


I’ve just returned to Hobart after a fantastic couple of days sharing the Tarkine in Bendigo. I was really lucky to be involved with such a beautiful bunch of passionate people that have donated so much time and energy into creating the events that occurred there over a couple of days.

There was a pop up exhibition of photography, painting and jewellery in Dudley House. I estimate about 150-200 people wandered through the exhibition over the two days that it was up. The opening was well attended and I did two artist talks over the weekend where it was lovely to share my story.

On the Sunday there was a BBF stall in the Festival of Cultures in Rosalind Park - a hive of activity and colour.

There were two screenings of the Documentary Tarkine in Motion and both were very well attended with both Venues feeling very full and around 90 people got transported into the place and met the people who were part of the project.

In all places there were so many conversations about this sacred place inspired by the imagery from this place.  Many people inspired to visit the Tarkine and to lend their voice and energy to protect this place. My utmost thanks and gratitude goes to the others who made this happen, Phil Robertson, Emma Wasson, Rosemary Glaisher and Liz Martin and a number of others who volunteered their time and resources to help make a great weekend happen.

Olivia Hickey

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Michelle Romeo - Julius River Rainforest Walk

Cyanotype photogram series
Takayna/Tarkine in Motion 2017
Julius River Rainforest walk

Sunforest 1. Michelle Romeo

Wandering through this ancient forest I fell in love.

The experience was all encompassing, sight, sound and smell combining for an exhilarating feast of the senses, food for the soul. 

Sunforest 2. Michelle Romeo

The foliage was omnipresent and I focused on the predominant forms and features surrounding me. 

Sunforest 3. Michelle Romeo

During my travels I collected botanical specimens that I then used to create a series of cyanotypes.

The samples were later exposed in the sun and washed in river water collected from the site. 

A splash of alchemy, art and science merging as one.

Michelle Romeo


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Michael Gay - Photos from Tarkine in Motion 2017

Michael Gay has sent in some of the photos he created in the Tarkine - from Norfolk Range, Julius River, Donaldson River, Rapid River and the west coast.


Cloud forest on the Norfolk Range


Cloud forest on the Norfolk Range


Julius River Reserve


Misty Donaldson River


Misty forests of the Donaldson River


Misty Norfolk Range


Misty Norfolk Range


Rapid River Eucalypt


Rapid River


Rapid River


Rapid River


West Coast Sunset


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Diana Levy - Frankland River forest - FR41A & B

Leatherwood blossom. Photo: Diana Levy

It was war

and the giants fell

despatched by a scadgett,

take this coupe and make of it

a timber soup says the Forestry,

so a yellow machine

with a saw and a claw

tracks its way bulldozerish,

and the man inside

with a job and a plan

cuts the elders and shoves them,

they’re pushovers,

claws them into a pile,

the ‘log landing’.


Mystery berry. Photo: Diana Levy

Then the leaves leave

the birds go

the possums, gliders and marsupials go

and what was it I heard last night

from the snugness of my tent?

voice high in a tree,

a faint reply further out,

all these creatures go

but where is their refuge?


Horizontal now, the Tarkine giants

are a bleaching cracking abandoned

tumble jumble,

with a rubbish pile of bones high at the back,

in the middle of a forest where few set foot,

not since it was called “takayna”.


Are we the last to have Tarkined here

shouting as we swam in the freezing Frankland River,

skipping stones or glimpsing

a brook trout flee across

the shallow pebble bed?

the last to watch the wedge-tailed eagles

soar above a pebble picnic

where we drank cocoa

and fed out souls

through our very pores?

"House tree" - an old myrtle. Photo: Diana Levy

Diana Levy

Tarkine in Motion 2017

*FR41A & B are the names of the coupes that are due to be logged - again


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Tarkine in Motion 2017 - Around the Tarkine Wilderness Lodge

Donna Lougher has sent in these photos from around the Tarkine Wilderness Lodge - "of the amazing Scott Jordon (pizza maker extraordinaire) with Kate in the gazebo kitchen. And the inspiring host Maree Jenkins with Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation Leader and guide, David Gough."

Great Pizza Chef Scott Jordon - Gazebo, TWL

Scott Jordon with Kate Bartlett - Gazebo, TWL

Kate Bartlett - General Helper Extraordinaire - Gazebo,TWL

Scott & Lyn Jordon - Pizza - Gazebo, TWL

David Gough & Maree Jenkins - Great Gums Track TWL, Meunna


Donna Lougher


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Nicole Anderson - Enduring

Nicole Anderson‎ - Tarkine In Motion 2017

April 20 at 8:02pm
The most impacting moment for me was when I witnessed Jarrod Edwards, palawa ranger for takayna, and Theresa Sainty and Rocky Sainty, sharing their country with people all joining together in this event to protect her. Meditating on this, a poem came to me...


Returning are my people, free
Healing battle scars, yes, some won't fade
Marks of invaders
Hard hoof, hard hat, guns, barbed wire
Alien forms, machines, wildfire

Returning to find gentle memories
Shrouded by time, by sand, by foliage
Marks on rock and tree
Resilient hands, minds, land forged tenacity
My familiar forms, enduring with me

Returning are those who see
Life perpetual between sands and snow
Not by blood but by spirit, kin
Make your mark
Living culture, art, song, custodian

The work of human hands, takayna coast.

Extensive rock pits and furrows, takayna coast

Jarrod Edwards showing the Arthur River group some of the boulder beach constructions common along the takayna coastline.

Palawa ranger Jarrod Edwards of Kings Run

Jarrod Edwards with the Arthur River group walking country at Kings Run

Living place under tussock and native spinach. Rich growths of native vegetables abound in this extensive Living Place. What a marvellous way of living. takayna coast

Rocky Sainty providing our cultural interpretation at laraturunawn/Sundown Point

Nicole Anderson

Tarkine in Motion 2017


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Alex Palmer - Dissolving Time


*Dissolving Time*

"water dances with reflections
the stillness is sublime
birds sing their songs of joy as the light beams shimmer
the peacefullness resonates all around
air so still and clean
eyes shut and I breathe
deep and long breaths
Takayna whispers her secrets ....
Memories etched ...
Peace settling deep
My soul ignites"

Alex Palmer

Tarkine in Motion 2017


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Final night at Frankland River camp - Tarkine in Motion 2017

Final night at Frankland River camp during Tarkine in Motion 2017, photos by Samuel Bell.



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Gillian Hughes - Small scale painting studies

Thank you to everybody who made this whole experience ‘pozible’!! What a fantastic opportunity it was to not only document the Tarkine through my art but also to learn about the controversial issues surrounding this culturally sensitive region.

It is my intention to document my experience through a series of paintings on my return to the studio.
I was based at Arthur River and spent much of my time in the wild coastal areas (Couta Rocks, Bluff Hill Point and Edge of the World) and also in the nearby rainforest on the Balfour Track.

I had originally planned to record my visual memory in the form of photographs and some sketches, however I experienced every artists nightmare - a camera malfunction!! So, it became very important to get the information down through mark making, sketches and rough composition drawings. I actually do enjoy working in this way and the drawings record what I believed to be visually important elements.

It takes a while to get used to drawing a new and unfamiliar landscape as I need to use the materials in a different way to achieve the variety of marks required. The greens in the rainforest were incredibly bright and the subject matter quite overwhelming. I had to pare it back to what was important - the scale of the trees and those greens that cloaked the surface of anything on the ground…

Back on the coast are the most amazing rock formations i have ever seen - they are truly natures own drawings and I don’t think I will ever do them justice with paint, but will certainly have a go.

These are some small scale painting studies that I have been doing since returning from Tarkine in Motion 2017.


The landscape is very different from the East coast of NSW so still grappling with colours and shapes before going larger in scale...


The paintings depict the area around Couta Rocks and Bluff Hill Point.



Gillian Hughes

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Alex Palmer - colours bending like the curves of the streams


" colours bending like the curves of the streams
richness abounds wandering the tributaries  "




Alex Palmer

Tarkine in Motion 2017

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