Fish Farms

Industrial fish farming in Tasmania has been let off the leash.

As the three Atlantic Salmon growers - Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna - tussle over expansion around Tasmania's Storm Bay and Bruny Island, Tassal's brazen grab of sites off King Island has brought howls of horror from the island's residents and international surfing legends alike.

They know what these industrial sites mean.

Water pollution from thousands of tonnes of fish faeces, collapsing ecosystems, noise and light pollution, congestion of waterways by giant fish cages, degradation of local fisheries, seals being kidnapped and 'relocated' and the ruination of marine scenery.

To say nothing of tonnes of powerful antibiotics and (pink) artificial colouring going into the wild and human food chain, exposed in a shocking Four Corners investigation in 2017.

And this insatiable industry wants to double in size in the next two decades.

Now Tassal is invading Tasmania's sensationally beautiful East Coast with giant fish pens at Okehampton Bay, opposite Maria Island. (pictured below)

We will not let this stand. And neither will ecotourism promoter Graeme Wood who bought the adjacent Triabunna woodchip mill to build a world-class ecotourism business, the antithesis of industrial fish farming.

Urgent court action is all that stands between Tasmania's pristine coastal waters and an explosion of industrial fish farms.

Together with two of Graeme's companies, promoting greener options for the East Coast, our foundation is challenging Federal Environment Minister Frydenberg's go-ahead for Tassal's invasion of Okehampton Bay.

Our challenge in the Federal Court is set for March 2018. It is pivotal to preserving the East Coast and, indeed, all Tasmania's remaining natural coastlines. If Tassal can hold a beachhead here, the rest of Tasmania's coastline will fall victim to their relentless greed.


Media Releases

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News Reports

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  • commented 2018-04-12 12:42:22 +1000
    WhY is it so hard that these vandals “rascal” are no better then terrorist ,polluting our pristine water ways filling it with there nutrient rich food,killing every species of fish and plant life in it’s wake .I put it to you they are worse then European carp
    But the sad thing is the government and tassel are together on this outrageous act all for a few more dollars
    So I ask what do you do tassel and government agencies when nothing can live in the water ways i.e. to no oxygen or light
    Invade ssomewhere else ,please stop and review your practices ,before Tasmanian salmon is thought of as Charlie carp fertilizer